Elizans Wine & Mezze Bar



Mezze: selection of small dishes inspired by tastes from the Mediterranean and around the world.


Breads $7


Garlic or Herb Bread:

Dips and Bread:


Crusty warm French bread with olive oil, butter and dukkah

Lavishly spread with garlic or herbed butter, tomato basil on the side

Choose either hummus or capsicum dip (or both) with pita bread

Oven baked spicy wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce

Mezze Dishes $12 each (6 dishes for $65)

Minted Haloumi:

Waldorf Salad:

Biltong Salad:

Moroccan Vegetables:


Macaroni Cheese Pot:

Zucchini Feta Fritters:

Farmhouse Terrine:

Asparagus Prosciutto:

Italian Sausage Rolls:

Mini Beef Burgers:

Greek Lamb Cutlets:

Kangaroo Fillet:

Local Oysters:

Prawn&Crab Mushrooms:

Garlic Prawns:

Burgundy Truffled Scallops:

Salt & Pepper Calamari:

Haloumi cheese grilled and served with minted olive oil and baby cos GF

Classic Waldorf salad with baby figs & a yoghurt dressing GF

South African dried meat shaved on mesculin with red onion & fetta GF

A Berber speciality: eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, tomato & onion

seasoned with paprika, parsley, coriander and served warm GF

Modern variation on this old favourite

A stack of zucchini and feta fritters served with tzatziki GF

House made pork and sage terrine, cherry compote on mixed leaves GF

Baked asparagus wrapped in prosciutto served with English mustard GF

Pork mince, zucchini, parmesan & pesto in flaky pastry

Mini beef patties, Swiss cheese, tomato, cucumber in cos lettuce GF

Grilled lamb cutlets pan fried with garlic & rosemary GF

Kangaroo fillet on potato mash with beans & raspberry sauce GF

Six local oysters served natural, Kilpatrick or with namjim sauce GF

Prawn and crab filled mushrooms, grilled, served on rocket salad GF

Classic garlic prawns with rich cream sauce on rice GF

Seared scallops topped with burgundy truffle butter GF

Calamari in salt & pepper seasoning, served with chilli jam GF

Desserts $9.50

Lemon Tartlets:

Chocolate Pudding:


Mixed Plate ($15):

Three mini lemon tarts garnished with raspberry coulis

Three warm baby chocolate fondant puddings, vanilla ice cream GF

Trio of sorbets - lemon, raspberry, mango GF

Two tarts, two choc puds and choice of one sorbet or ice cream

Cheese Plate $15

Local Cheeses:

Any two from brie, blue, cheddar with quince paste & fruit can be GF

To Finish: $3.50



A selection of Twinings and herbal teas

Espresso, Cappucino, Latte etc